Competition Day Information

Parking at Ursinus College

For directions to Ursinus College from your location, please visit the Contact & Directions page.

Cars may park anywhere in the large rear parking lot. There will be plenty of History Day parking signage visible upon entering Ursinus College campus. Buses must follow the driveway up the hill to the turning area and then proceed to the left, down to the drop-off point in back of the gym. (Refer to Ursinus campus map.) This will be the pick-up and drop-off point for all buses. (Buses will be directed to their parking area by Campus Safety officers.)

Event Schedule


Project Changes and Student No Shows

There is no guarantee that we can accomodate any scheduling changes, such as, students who need to leave early due to sports, music and other obligations later in the day.  There are too many registrants and too little time to try to re-work schedules on the day of the event.

Teachers will need to fill out “No Show” forms at the registration areas for students who were unable to attend.  There will be plenty of staff and volunteers to assist you in this process.  Students in the group performances, documentaries, and exhibit categories risk disqualification if a member of their group is absent and they have not filled out one of these forms!

Students will need to fill out a “History Day Project Change” form if they have changed the title of their project or category.  They can ask for this form with they register.

When Judging Begins

Students participating in the EXHIBITS category need to remain with their exhibit even after the judges leave and move on to another exhibit.  This is very important because as the judging process progresses, judges may return to the exhibits to ask questions.  If no one is there to answer their inquiries, it could directly affect a student’s or group’s scores.  Of course, if a restroom break is needed, this is fine.  Just return to the exhibit as soon as possible.

Teachers and parents with students in the EXHIBITS category are NOT permitted in the gymnasium AFTER 9 a.m. when judging begins.  They are welcome to wait in the lobby area, visit the Berman Museum, go to Jazzman’s Coffee Bar, etc.  Teachers and parents with students in the PERFORMANCE & DOCUMENTARY categories are permitted in the presentation rooms only at the discretion of the judges.

After the Awards Ceremonies

Teachers will need to pick up thier bags for their schools, which contain judging forms, etc., in Olin Hall Room 104.  It is located directly to the right as you enter the front doors of Olin Hall.  They can pick them up AFTER the Awards Ceremony is completed.  Teachers MUST notify us if they have designated someone other than themselves for this task.

Students in the Documentary Category

  • Bring a copy of your project on a DVD, flash-drive. Bring your laptop.
  • Please NO MAC laptops.  Ursinus equipment is NOT MAC compatible.
  • If using a DVD-R, please check that your DVD can be played on a TV with a DVD player.  Checking compatibility on a computer/laptop DVD player DOES NOT mean it will play on a regular TV/projector.

If you have any questions, please contact us at

Questions Judges Might Ask

The purpose of the interview is to allow judges to get to know students and learn a little more about what went into the development of their History Day entries.  Information presented by the students during the interviews is not included in evaluation and ranking of entries.  The entry itself is all that is evaluated for ranking.

Teachers should prepare their students for the interview.  Help them to be comfortable with the prospect of talking with judges and practice with them.  The following list is of sample questions.  They are not inclusive of the questions that judges might ask during the interview.

Questions for all entry types (from A Guide to Historical Research Through the National History Day® Program):

  1. What was your most important source, and why?
  2. What is the most important point you are trying to convey about your topic?
  3. What is the most important thing you learned from completing this entry?
  4. Why did you pick this topic?  What gave you the idea to do this topic?
  5. As you did your research, what surprised you the most about this topic?
  6. What did you find most difficult about doing the research for this entry?
  7. How did your primary sources help  you understand this topic?
  8. How did you come up with the script or design for your entry?
  9. Why did ______ (the person or people who are the subject of the entry) get involved in ______ (whatever they got involved in)?
  10. If you researched an individual, what were the biggest obstacles faced by this person?
  11. If you researched an event, what were the most important factors that caused this even to occur?
  12. What were the most important consequences of this ______ (event or person’s actions)?
  13. Why is this topic significant in history?

The final question all students should be prepared to answer:

  • Is there anything you were not asked that you would like to talk about?