Have questions about National History DayA�? We have answered many frequently asked questions here for you, if you can not find an answer to your question contact us!

What if I miss the registration deadline?

The registration deadline is firm since there is limited time for us to prepare for the upcoming competition. Your registration form must be postmarked on the deadline date. You may also drop off your form to the Mercer Museum up until 4:30 pm on the deadline date.

My school does not formally participate in NHDA�. Can I still compete?

We strongly encourage students to particpate in National History DayA� even if their school does not. If there are not any other students from your school participating, ask one of the social studies teachers at your school to inquire about them being your mentor for the project. Being a mentor simply means reviewing your registration form, signing it for you and giving you advice and assistance , if needed.

If students are participating as a group, in any category, does each individual need to pay the registration fee?

Yes, every student must pay the $12 registration fee whether they are competing individually or in a group.

Can I change my project title?

Yes. It is better to do so BEFORE the competition date. If you don’t, then the program will not have your correct title. If you forget to contact us there are “Project Change” forms at registration that a student MUST fill out and hand to their judge group before the project is viewed.

What if I cannot attend National History DayA� due to other obligations?

If you are entered in the historical paper, group perfromance, or any individual category you MUST attend on the day of the competition to present your project. However, if you are participating in a group project (other than performances), there may be circumstances where all group members are not available the day of this contest. In this instance, a group member may request to be absent on the contest day if other members of the group will be there to present the project.

A “No Show” form must be completed for all students not attending on the day of the competiton. “No Show” forms will be available at our History Day registration areas, all registration volunteers will be happy to assist you.

Do I have to attend the award ceremony?

No. If you have to leave before the ceremonies, and you happen to place in your category, a teacher, parent, or another student can pick up your award materials for you.

Are parents and teachers allowed to stay with their children/students when they are doing their presentations?

No parents or teachers are allowed in the exhibits area after 9 am when judging begins. No parents or teachers are allowed in the interview rooms for papers and websites. Parents and teachers are only allowed into the performance or documentary presentations at the judges discretion.

How do paper and website entries get judged?

Due to the volume of entries Cheap baclofen online, cheap Zoloft. and the time it takes to properly review and judge them, paper and websites are judged at the Mercer Museum on a date earlier than the competition date. Entries are sent to History Day judges whoA�will have read them before judging day at the museum. At the Mercer Museum, judges evaluate each of the paper and website entries. On competition day at Ursinus College, the students will be interviewed about their projects. The interview is an important part of the process. This allows students to develop their communication skills and learn to promote their work in the academic arena. If students do not show up for their interview, they cannot receive an award and move on to the next level of competition.

Why is there a deadline date for historical paper and website category submissions?

Historical papers and websites must be sent to History Day judges before the date of the competiton. There needs to be time for the entries to be sent, judged, and returned before the competition date.

Why do I need to get my judging forms back after the competition?

The judging forms from your project are important for two reasons. Hopefully, the information on the forms will allow you to make revisions and improvements to your project if you are moving on to the state level competition. If you did not place, and wish to participate in National History DayA� again, the advice and scores on the forms can help you when you are creating your project for next year.