For Parents

National History Day® is a highly regarded program linked to both national and Pennsylvania State education standards that allows students to research outside of the standard curriculum. It helps inspire students to become better scholars and provides them with  valuable ‘hands-on’ academic experiences. For these reasons and more, parents find the National History Day® program provides their children with an opportunity for academic and self growth.

Parents are important to National History Day®!

Here are some things you can do to as a parent of a student interested in National History Day®:

  • Encourage your child’s teacher(s) to have the class participate in National History Day® or mentor students who are interested in participating! NHD® begins at the school level and may already be a part of your child’s curriculum.
  • Support your child’s class participation in doing project work including conducting research at libraries, archives, and museums or conducting oral history interviews.
  • Encourage your child to develop their critical thinking skills by getting them beyond just relaying facts.
  • Be supportive of your child producing a project, helping them to manage time and follow a schedule.
  • Help your child’s school if it holds a local contest or fair that gives students a “dress rehearsal” or elimination round. Even though not all students will make it on to the regional competition, the skills they acquired are irreplaceable!
  • Volunteering for the National History Day® Regional competition. Many helping hands are needed to make this a wonderful experience for our children! We are always in need of new judges and volunteers.

Most importantly, give your child the gift of life-long learning by helping them explore the cultural resources in their community and region for a National History Day® project.