Project Information

As students begin to research and create their projects for History Day there are many NHDA� rules that they MUST be kept in mind.

Before they begin their projects they should carefully read the National History DayA� Rule Book. This booklet will answer most A�questions about each category. This booklet contains the rules of the competition, including information about topics, sources, and more. History Day rules are determined by the National History DayA� office, ensuring that each state follows the same guidelines.

Exhibit Category

History Day exhibits are presented as mini-museum exhibits.A� Students use images, artifacts, graphics, and their own writing to deliver information to the judges.A� Exhibits are limited to 500 student-composed words, but there is no limit on quotes from other sources.A� For example, if they use an excerpt from the Declaration of Independence, those words don’t count towards the limit.A� There are also size limits for the exhibit boards.A� Projects may be no taller than 6 feet, no wider than 40 inches, and no deeper than 30 inches.

Documentary Category

For those students who love technology, making a documentary might be the right choice.A� History Day documentaries are videos that students create using any number of technologies.A� Various computer programs will allow students to upload film footage and images, and add a music track and an audio track fo rhte student-written script.A� Documentaries are limited to 10 minutes in length, must be in DVD format, and all equipment must be student-run.

If possible, please bring an extra DVD-R copy of your documentary.A� Please hand this copy to the judges after your presentation.A� This will allow the judges to further review the documentaries during the judging process.

Performance Category

Students with dramatic flair and an interest in public speaking might choose to do a performance.A� History Day performances are short plays researched, scripted, and acted by the students.A� These are live performances, not filmed in advance.A� Any props, backdrops, and media devices must be set up and run by the studnets.

Research Paper Category

The research paper category is an option for students who enjoy writing.A� Research papers are to be no less than 1,500 words and no more than 2,500 words.A� The paper category is also the only category in which students must work individually; there are no group Cheap baclofen online, buy lioresal. papers!

Website Category

Students are required to use the National History DayA� Website Editor when creating their entry.A� Websites are limited to 1,200 student-composed words.

If you are having difficulties with your website, or are unsure if you’ve created it in the correct format, please visit the National History DayA� Website Editor Issues page for help.