What is National History Day?

National History Day is an experience that positively impacts students throughout Bucks and Montgomery Counties. It helps students further develop their research skills and bolsters their confidence, which ultimately improves their academic success!

National History Day is highly regarded academic program for elementary and secondary students.

National History Day is conducted at district and state levels in conjunction with the Kenneth E. Behring National History Day program. Students begin by competing at their individual school and may progress onto the regional, state and even the national level competitions.

Contest ProgressionStudents in grades six through eight (6-8) are assigned to the junior division, students in grades nine through twelve (9-12) are assigned to the senior division. In each division, students may compete, as an individual or in a group, in five categories:

  • Exhibits
  • Papers
  • Websites
  • Documentaries
  • Performances


National History Day supports and reinforces writing, reading, and research skills. The program takes education beyond the classroom, encouraging the use of original sources and direct engagement with libraries, archives, and museums. Most importantly, the program stimulates and rewards student initiative, creativity, and excellence.

The program gets students out of the classroom and into the world of the historian. Students track down information about historic people and events. This research leads to new insights and original conclusions that students share in their exhibits, documentaries, websites, papers, and performances.