Why Participate?


History is more than memorizing events, names and dates from years past!

Historical research can be equated buy cardura online cheap, zithromax without prescription. to solving a mystery. You present a history hypothesis, you gather evidence and interpret research to determine outcomes. Students choose topics for their projects (according to the theme) that combine exploration and creativity.

Participating in the the National History DayA� program:

  • Promotes the development of A�critical thinking and problem-solving skills, writing and research skills, time management skills
  • Allows you to share how history affects our lives outside of the classroom
  • Creates an opportunity to showcase your research and presentation skills
  • Prepares you for college level research projects
  • Produces work that is very often looked upon favorably by colleges and universities
  • Grants various opportunities to meet teachers, students and academic professionals from all over the country
Working individually or in a group, students learn how to define a historical question, locate sources, compile research, analyze information, and make presentations showcasing their hard work.